QUality Control

Quality assurance is a primary concern at KWC. Whether it is supplying wire meshes for specialized or commercial applications, we monitor our products to achieve every inch of perfection, accuracy and quality.

Trained experts at KWC adhere to the strict inspection standards, use modern test machines and best components to produce high-quality stainless steel wire meshes for our end users. Raw materials are sourced from reputable manufacturers in India.

Our products are manufactured to meet international standards including ISO 9044 and ISO 4783. Prior to disposing of products to customers, the products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they are well versed with our quality standards.

  • Counting Glass

    Used For counting the number of wires per inch (25.4mm) i.e. Mesh in both warp & weft direction , mainly in coarse meshesh ,for in-process & final inspection

  • Laser Instrument

    Used for measuring very accurately , the diameter of wire as fine as 0.020mm, to ensure perfect mesh openings by strict inspection of incoming raw material

  • Inspection Table

    Used for finally inspecting the rolls before packing to ensure that only best quality cloth with accurate mesh, no weaving defects, correct length & width is packed , so that the customer is completely satisfied.

  • Stand Microscope

    Used for counting the number of wires per inch( 25.4 mm ) i.e. Mesh in both warp & weft direction , mainly in fine meshesh & dutch weavesupto 2750 wires per inch with perfect accuracy ,during in-process & final inspection.